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KxS Technologies is dedicated to the most advanced liquid concentration technology to help a wide range of clients in the semiconductor, food, bioprocessing, sugar, chemical, petrochemical, and pulp and paper industries by advocating production of more high-quality consumer products. 

Specializing in the development of inline concentration monitoring technology, KxS continues to make a mark with DCM process refractometers and concentration monitors that are designed to be robust and compact in size to ensure reliability and accuracy in any liquid process.

Innovative design to install sensor in process pipes

For any process refractometer the best method to install the sensor in pipelines aims at achieving optimal flow right next to the measurement window. In high-hygiene applications, it also ensures superior drainage with no chance of trapping residues.

According to the most recent and validated methods from 2020, this is achieved with special KxS straight pipe flow cell designs that allow for optimum flow profile and tight sealing.


Key features

  • All measurement functions are integrated in the sensor - no transmitter is required.
  • Measurement output options include both analog and digital communication protocols: Two cable connection ports offer dual analog 4-20mA and digital Modbus TCP. 
  • External display of various sizes can be connected through the sensor's digital port. Use your computer, tablet, or mobile phone with a web browser to access the sensor's diagnostics and settings.
  • In demanding industrial process conditions, one mA-output can be dedicated to controlling the optical window wash, maintaining optimal performance and cleanliness. The wash settings are user selectable in the refractometer's user interface and relay functions integrated in a modular connection unit.

Our engineers collaborate with customers and can help you give an action path for optimizing your process. We help you identify areas for improvement, increase yield, reduce waste, and implement the right solution, no matter the application or complexity.

Our expertise is continually refined through active participation in international industry-specific steering and task force groups. This involvement ensures that we stay at the forefront of industry developments and bring the latest innovations and best practices to your operations.