KxS process refractometers for bioprocessing

KxS process refractometers set the standard for accuracy, hygiene and safety in the and bioprocessing industries. Our refractometers seamlessly integrate through Ingold or Sanitary Tri clamp with pilot and high-volume bioreactors and ultrafiltration (UF) systems.

Typical applications:

  • Fermentation to ensure consistent output quality
  • Membrane filtration efficiency in protein UF separation
  • Blood plasma UF quality control
  • Sucrose density to capture virus rich fractions of influenza vaccines
  • Enhancing evaporation and crystallization with precise steam feed optimization

Our refractometers feature industry-leading solid optics and are designed for maintenance-free operation with true stand-alone concentration monitoring. They offer a full measurement range of 0-100%, utilizing two independent 4-20mA outputs and a digital Ethernet output for versatile connectivity.

For enhanced functionality, an optional HMI unit provides a local display and interface, ensuring ease of use.

Experience the high accuracy and reliability with KxS process refractometers, designed to meet the rigorous safety demands and continous manufacturing (CM) initiative in the bioprocessing industries.

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