KxS Retractable refractometer DCM-20 PASVE®

Maximum safety with the DCM-20 PASVE® retraction unit

KxS retractable refractometer DCM-20 PASVE features the proprietary PASVE® isolation valve, an industry standard since the 1980s with over 60,000 units installed worldwide. 

The DCM-20 PASVE® design provides secure connection to the process and maximum operator safety without process shutdown in inline dry solids content measurements in kraft chemical pulp mill applications.

Optimal footprint, easy installation​

The DCM-20 PASVE®, with its compact design, offers exceptional flexibility for choosing installation points in vertical and horizontal pipe lines within the pulp mill. Its small footprint ensures easy integration into various setups, optimizing space and service efficiency.


Key features

  • Quadruple/Triple safety locking​
  • Scalable to process line size from 2” and larger​
  • Industry standard PASVE® with a custom-made isolation valve for KxS Technologies​
  • Proven PASVE ® isolation valve design: 40 years and 60 000 unit reference​
  • Standard measurement window wash nozzle with steam or high pressure hot water ​
  • Compact dimensions for installation flexibility and safe operation​
  • Sensor weight 2.0kg (4.9lbs)​