KxS Process refractometer DCM-20 with Ingold process connection

1” Ingold connection for bioreactors

  • Ingold G1 ¼” 25mm (1”)
  • Insertion length customizable




KxS process refractometer DCM-20 with Ingold process connection is designed with highest hygienic industry standards to integrate in pilot and high-volume manufacturing bioreactors and ultrafiltration systems.

  • All measurement functions are integrated in the sensor - no transmitter required.
  • Measurement output options include both analog and digital communication protocols: dual analog 4-20mA and Modbus TCP. 
  • External display of different sizes are readily available and connected through the sensor digital port. Computer, tablet or mobile phone with a web browser serves as sensor user interface for accessing diagnostics and settings.  
  • The refractometer does not require any recalibration or regular maintenance. Furthermore, the calibration of each refractometer can be verified using NIST traceable standard refractive index liquids and easy verification procedure.

Key features

  • nD=1.3200...1.5300 (equals by definition to 0...100%wt)  
  • Optimal footprint​, weight 2.0kg (4.4lbs)​
  • True stand-alone ​


  • Solid optics module provides reliable thermal properties and rigidity​
  • Traditional fiber optics, prone to breakage, replaced with innovative, non-breakable design.
  • Isolated electronics for true concentration temperature compensation ​
  • Individual zero-point factory calibration


  • 3A Sanitary 46-04 Symbol authorization and certified by European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group (EHEDG) Type EL Class I
  • Surface roughness Ra 0.38 μm (15 μ inch), electropolished (no animal derived ingredients)